Richland Yellowstone Modified Decker

$ 500.00 $ 600.00

The Richland Yellowstone Decker

This Decker comes with a Modified or square style tree. It is made with Heavy Harness Leather, nickel plated hardware, lined breeching and breast collar, and roller buckles for easy adjustments. Includes Half Breed and Latigos. Made in Montana. Cinch not included.

These deckers are an entry level saddle, you will find that they are not made with the high end finishes and top tier leather of a Trailhead Supply decker. However, they get the job done, and for a weekend warrior packer or someone just getting into packing they are reliable saddles as a starting point. We sold these almost exclusively prior to building our own saddles. We are now offering these as an option in addition to our saddle as they are on the shelf and ready to ship while we have a waiting list for our deckers.

In stock and ready to ship. 

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