Pro-Force Fly Spray by Manna Pro

$ 19.95

Equine Fly Spray with Rapid Knockdown Kill and Repellency

Pro-Force Fly Spray features a rapid knockdown formula that kills and repels more than 70 listed species for up to 14 days. Use it to keep ticks away from your dog, flies away from your pony or any other number of insects from your property.

  • Rapid knockdown kill and repellency for up to 14 days
  • Kills and repels more than 70 listed species
  • Kills fleas and ticks on dogs
  • For use only on ponies, horses, and dogs, and as a premise spray

32oz bottle

This is our fly spray of choice. We received some samples of it, took it on a trip, came home and ordered it for the store.  The first trip we used it on the horse flies were attacking our stock on the highline (imagine a black cloud of bugs). They were all turning circles unable to stop swatting. We pulled the samples out after our regular fly spray didn't work. Within 2 minutes of spraying this the horses and mules had all calmed down and were standing still, relaxed. We've never seen a spray be so effective. It's worth it's weight in gold. 


Active Ingredients:





**N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide


Other Ingredients




* Cis, trans isomers ratio: Min. 35% (+ or -) trans and Max. 65% (+ or -) cis
** MGK® 264 Insecticide Synergist
EVERCIDE® and MGK® are– registered trademarks of McLaughlin Gormley King Company
EPA Reg. No. 1021-1817-84151 EPA Est. No. 092064-MO-001

Shake well before each use. Ready to use. No mixing necessary. Hold container upright and spray as directed. Pro Force may be applied directly with either a soft cloth or fine mist spray.

To operate sprayer, turn tip to the proper setting for (broad) or (fine) spray surfaces, or pin stream for cracks and crevices, and pump trigger to spray as directed. Do not operate in OFF position. After use, turn tip to OFF to avoid accidental spraying.

Horses, Ponies and Foals:

Kills and repels stable flies, horn flies, house flies, face flies, horseflies, deer flies, cluster flies, sciarid flies, mosquitoes (including Culex species which may transmit West Nile virus), gnats, midges, punkies and no-see-’ems, carpenter bees, moths (including almond, chocolate, tobacco, Indian meal, Angoumois grain, and other flying moths), fleas, ticks (including brown dog, lone star, deer and other Ixodes species, American dog, and Gulf Coast), chiggers, and lice.
For initial treatment, apply 1–2 oz daily for 2–3 days. As infestation subsides, repeat treatment every 7–14 days or as prescribed by a veterinarian. Also reapply every time the animal is washed or exposed to heavy rain.

Use as a Wipe-On:

Brush animal to remove excess dirt and dust. Moisten a soft cloth (but do not wet to the point of dripping) and rub over the hair. It is best to apply by rubbing against the hair growth. Pay special attention to the legs, shoulders, shanks, neck and facial areas, where flies are most often seen. Only a light application is required. Avoid using an excessive amount on your horse. Do not wet skin. After application, brush thoroughly to bring out a bright sheen on the coat.

Use as a Spray:

Apply to the face, legs, flanks, topline and other body areas commonly attacked by flies. Do not wet the horse’s skin or exceed 2 oz per application. After application, brush thoroughly to bring out a bright sheen on the coat.


Kills and repels fleas, ticks, and lice. Do not apply more than 9 fl oz when applying to dogs.

Cover the animal’s eyes with your hand. Do not spray directly into mouth, nose or eyes. Spray head, ears and chest until damp. With fingertips, rub into face and around mouth, nose, and eyes. Then spray from the neck to the tail, finishing the legs last. For best penetration of spray to skin and on heavily coated animals, direct spray against the natural lay of the hair, spraying the ruffled hair directly behind the hand. Make sure the spray thoroughly wets ticks. (When used on miniature and toy breeds of dogs, towel dry the animal after ½ hour if not completely dry.) Avoid contact with genitalia. Repeat treatment, if necessary, in 14 days.

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