Pack Saddles & Gunpowder by Susie Drougas

$ 15.00

First Book in a series from new novelist Susie Drougas A Dusty Rose Series.

Pack Saddles & Gunpowder

Suspenseful High Mountain Country Adventure Set in the Pasayten Wilderness

Autographed by Susie Drougas 

210 pages, paperback copyright 2014

Set in the modern day mountains of Washington state, Dusty Rose and his sidekick, Mike Dracopoulos, ride and pack their horses in the high country. Living in Eagleclaw, a small town on the outskirts of Seattle, Dusty has a law practice and Mike is his private investigator. With a bad divorce under his belt, he feels like he's pretty much got life figured out--until meeting the beautiful Cassie Martin in a Seattle courtroom. 

Cassie is a fiercely independent horsewoman and poweful attorney. Dusty is drawn to her and isn't sure why. Their trails cross again high in the mountains of the Pasayten Wilderness. Cassie's quick thinkin gand courage come into play in a deadly conforntation and Dusty finds himself rethinking staying single all his life. 

What starts out as a summer visit to his Uncle's outfit, turns into a life and death struggle for survival in the high country. 

The mountains are a jealous mistress and although many come to enjoy the bounty--"all are not allowed to leave."

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