Manty & Manty Rope Bundle 2 Each

$ 159.90

Bundle will include 2 manties and 2 manty ropes.

Manty Details:

Our Manties (mantie, manty, tarp, etc) are made from 18oz canvas. They are available in 7' x 8' and are unhemmed. We sell untreated canvas. Untreated is preferred by experienced packers when packing meat during hunting season to help in preventing tainting the meat.

Manty Rope Details: 

Our manty ropes are backbraided out of New England Multiline II. The thought has always been to cut three manty ropes out of a 100 foot piece of rope. That’s just too short. We start with a 38 foot piece of 3/8 inch New England multi line 2 for a soft, strong manty rope. After the ends are back spiced and eye spliced we have approx a 37 foot manty rope, which is a long enough rope to manty just about anything you are planning to pack.

About New England Multiline II:

We offer New England Multiline II™. Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope which is constructed by twisting three strands of a blend of spun and filament polyester around cores of fibrillated polyolefin. The polyolefin keeps the strands firm and round without adding weight, which improves abrasion resistance and handling. The spun polyester gives Multiline II its characteristic fuzzy feel and makes it easier to grip, even when wet. Multiline II provides the greatest durability, highest strength, lightest weight, and most consistent supple feel over time of any commercially available composite rope.

  • Spun polyester improves grip and knot holding even when wet.
  • Cores of fibrillated polyolefin keep strands firm and round, enhancing knot holding and hand grip.
  • Easy to splice.
  • Consistently supple feel over the service life of the rope.
  • Great for natural crotch rigging.
  • Multiline is easily identified by its familiar two orange markers.

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