Log Cabin Lewis & Clark Dutch Oven Cookbook by Colleen Sloan

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I cannot convey to you in words the amount of joy and fulfillment I have experienced in doing this book. Lewis, Clark and crew were truly Real American Heroes. I’m Proud to an American. No other book has challenged me or involved me like this one. The Travel, history and knowledge I have gained in visiting the National Monuments and points of interest are irreplaceable in my memory. This book covers seasoning your dutch oven, cleaning, storing, judging the right temperature, plus tons of fun recipes.

  •  Brought to you by Colleen Sloan, author of the Log Cabin Grub Cookbooks.
  • This cookbook is packed with Lewis & Clark facts, information and delicious recipes.
  • Cookbook also includes basic information on Dutch oven cooking.
  • There are 112 pages in this book that hold over 150 recipes.
  • Made in: USA 

Did you ever wonder how the corp of discovery survived the 8000 mile journey and what they ate?

Most of the answers can be found in this book along with the recipes from back then and how we would fix the same things now, only different!

The expedition that started the expansion or our nation.

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