Log Cabin All About Potatoes Dutch Oven Cookbook by Colleen Sloan

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As you can see the Potato is the King of Vegetables. If you are a Dutch oven cook you will have to have at least one potato recipe going in your Dutch oven. With this cookbook you can expand your possibilities and feed your stomach too. This cookbook is great for any Dutch oven cook.
There are 111 pages in this book that hold over 133 recipes.

No Matter how you spell it, the potato has had a lot of things written about it.

It’s a pretty incredible vegetable.

The Potato is relatively low in calories and no other vegetable equals it in popularity.

Made in: USA 

This cookbook is full of potato history and stories and over 200 recipes.

It has been a tough project to sort through with all the write ups and articles about the famous potato.

Whether it be from Idaho, Oregon, Maine, Washington, or places in between, the potato is one of the most versatile, delicious and useful vegetables we have.

The book has recipes for main meals, side dishes, breads, desserts, and more.

Written by Colleen Sloan

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