Geo Single Serve Pour Over Coffee- Past best by date

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Trailhead Supply is super stoked to introduce the GEO by Little Red Wagon:  a disposable, single serve pour over, pre-packed with our freshly roasted coffee. You never have to sacrifice your coffee experience again. Add about 8 oz of hot water (more or less, depending on your strength preference) and let the adventure begin! 



The GEO is real coffee pre-packed in a pour over. Inherently this means that the GEO will take a few minutes to brew and water needs to be added continually into the small filter. If you are pouring consistently the GEO will take just under 2 minutes to brew an 8oz cup. 

It's slower than instant but it's worth the wait!

As a side note; if your water is not hot enough (200-205deg) the coffee will brew slower and not extract as well.


The GEO is intended to brew about 8oz of coffee and depending on the size of your cup, the filter bag could hang in the brewed  coffee a touch.  We realize this isn't ideal and is easily solved with a taller cup, but all in all it's okay from a taste standpoint. 


As far as the actual filter and coffee goes, we recommend nurturing the nearest plant with some coffee grinds and burning the filter. The outer packaging (whether is a single, 6 pack or 12 pack) needs to be packed out with you. (See below to see why we recommend our 6 and 12 packs for backpacking trips). If you are packing out and are afraid to get your stuff wet from the filters, try leaving it out to dry before packing out. 


The individual GEOs come with only one GEO inside each package. Making it the perfect solution to your last minute coffee needs on your way out the door. These are also handy if you like trying different types of coffee throughout your day and week since we will do our best to mix it up if you order more than one. 

The 6 and 12 packs have 6 + 12 filters in one package, making them an excellent solution to your next pack trip, road trip, or weekend getaway. The outer packaging is a resealable bag that the GEOs filters are placed into. This way, you are only carrying one bag.



We pack the GEOs with the freshest coffee we have. If you would like a particular coffee varietal in your GEO let us know in the notes section of your order and we will accommodate based on what we have available.


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