Cordura Rifle Scabbard

$ 79.95

Trailhead Supply has taken rifle scabbards to a whole new level. Rifle scabbards haven’t really changed since the beginning of time, until now.  The original design was basic, there was a top, bottom and a top flap designed to hold your rifle secure with one snap.  The design was to hang on the right side of the animal. If you wanted to hang it on the right side you had to turn it over so you rifle is now riding upside down and bouncing on your scope. The flap was also prone to become unsnapped and swing down allowing you rifle to work its way out of the scabbard.  How do you solve the age old problem?

We make the scabbard with two tops, and no bottom, so no matter which side, or how you hang your rifle scabbard your scope will always be up with no pressure on it, and the closure flap has been replaced with a rear flap with a heavy nylon strap that buckles closed no way to become accidently opened on the trail. This scabbard not only works on your stock but your four-wheeler and doubles as a great rifle case protecting that investment at home, camp, or on the road.  Fits all average rifles with or without a scope. Available in orange, green and brown cordura. All hardware is nickel plated. Proudly made in the USA.

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