BioThane® Chain Pull Mule Halter

$ 64.95

When pulling a string of mules, that drag and pulling is tough on the arm and take the fun out of your trip. Keep you string moving forward with a BioThane® Chain Pull Mule Halter by Trailhead Supply. Our BioThane® Mule Halters are just the answer, needing little or no maintenance. We combine 1 ¼” BioThane® which is super tough, yet soft and pliable this combined with 3/16” zinc plated chain for the throat and pull makes great halter, not only on the trail but as a training tool. These halters are built to last for years to come. The crown strap has an adjustable stainless steel roller buckle on one side, and a large spring snap on the other, so once adjusted and fit to your mule just snap and go. These halters can be used as either a center pull or a side pull. All connection points are double riveted with large #9 copper rivets. Available in both brown or black BioThane®. Hardware is stainless steel, Chain is zinc plated. Proudly built in our shop located in Kalispell Montana USA 

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