BioThane Split Reins

$ 29.95

Our BioThane® Reins are 8ft split reins that are brown or black in color and 3/4 inch wide. Cut at 96 inches, they come with a scissor snap and a Conway buckle in your choice of Solid Brass or Stainless Steel finish. When folded over without the snap the end measures about 91 inches counting the snap they measure about 93 inches. You get both pieces of hardware with your purchase so whether you like to use a snap to attach your reins to the bit or like it without the snap you are covered.  BioThane is manufactured in the USA. 

What are the pros to having reins made out of BioThane®? First of all durability. They will not rot and they do not need maintenance.  BioThane® is a polyester webbing with a PVC coating. What's the perk of that? Well they will not soak up moisture which is perfect for those of you who get out and ride no matter how inclement the weather is. For those of you who have a horse (like Sydney’s beloved Sis) who always seem to find a way to put their reins on the ground, step on them, and break them every time you stop to adjust a pack or for a biological break, these reins have a breaking strength of 750 pounds! So, good luck Sis! No more repairing reins on the side of the trail for us. 

Currently offered: 8' split reins, brown or black in color, with your choice of hardware.

These reins are proudly made in our shop in Montana and are highly recommended by Sydney and by Sis!

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