Bear Resistant Panniers

$ 335.00

These bear resistant containers are durable and functional. These plastic panniers (bear resistant boxes) come with screw inserts to install a set of eight metal legs (sold separately) for use as a table (table height 33 inches). Our Bear Resistant Boxes are 29" L x 14" W 18" H and weigh 36 pounds per set. They are available in three colors: orange, forest green, and tan (w/brown lid). These bear resistant containers can be used in any bear restricted area in the United States. These bear boxes are also U.S. Forest Service approved. The lids of the bear boxes have eight (8)- 5/16" threaded wing bolts to hold the top down. Straps pass through slots in the sides of the bear resistant boxes and are attached to a PVC tube within for extra strength and easy adjustment. These bear boxes were designed with your horse in mind, with sides curved to fit your horse. Buy one of these bear resistant containers today and keep your food and equipment safe.  SOLD AS A PAIR  You may also be interested in our canvas panniers,cordura panniers, cordura saddle panniers, extra large pannier set and hard plastic panniers.

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