Badger Thurston and the Runaway Stagecoach by Gus Brackett

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Badger Thurston and the Runaway Stagecoach is the second in an exciting series of adventures specifically designed for adventurous kids. The Badger Thurston series is action packed and easy reading. Every book is less than 8 chapters with illustrations to keep every readers attention. 

Paperback 89 pages, author: Gus Brackett

Badger Thurston is an ordinary kid in 1910. But trouble seems to find Badger wherever he goes...even in a sleepy little mining town. Badger gets mixed up with a stagecoach robber. TO clear his name, Badger and his best friend Percy face lies, deceit, and some bad luck as they search for clues in Jarbidge. Does Badger go to jail as a thief, or do they find the evidence they need to clear their name?

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