Apple Horse Treats 4lb - Manna Pro Horse Treats

$ 8.95

Bite-size nuggets by Manna Pro. Theses nutritious treats for your horse are: great for training, apple flavored, and horses can't resist the taste! Four pound bag.

Bite-Size Nuggets Horse Treats. To Reward. To Encourage. To Show You Care. Your horse- always ready to work and eager to please, a steadfast and faithful companion who gives so much, yet asks for little in return. As a rider, you understand that small acts of kindness and daily interaction tell your horse more than words ever can. Manna Pro understands this too and has developed a line of wholesome treats that will help you show how much you care. Tasty and bite-sized, Apple horse treats, Peppermint horse treats, Butterscotch horse treats, and Carrot & Spice horse treats are the perfect way to provide a nutritious reward after a ride or competition, or to simply share a special moment with a good and trusted friend.

Check these flavors out too: Carrot Horse Treats, Peppermint Horse Treats and Butterscotch Horse Treats.  These Bite-Sized Nuggets are an incredible value! Try some today! Your horse will thank you.

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