Aluminum Dutch Oven Cook Book By Richard Phillips

$ 10.95

Aluminum Dutch Oven Cook Book by Richard Phillips. 62 page cookbook with color photos. Author Richard Phillips resides in Idaho Falls, ID. Recipes include: breads and rolls, vegetables and beans, meat dishes (pork, beef, chicken, turkey), and desserts.

About the book

This book is for everyone that has asked me how to cook with Aluminum Dutch ovens. Here is a little background about cooking with aluminum Dutch ovens. The main reason I choose to switch from cast iron to aluminum was the weight. You can carry three aluminum ovens to one cast iron. They are also much easier to pick up when full.

The most asked question I get is, "Does it cook as well as a cast iron Dutch oven?" My reply is "It gets hotter quicker and colder faster." It also needs very few briquettes on the bottom. I believe you can cook anything in an aluminum oven that can be cooked in a cast iron oven.

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