A Women's Way West by John Fraley

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A Women's Way West In and Around Glacier National Park from 1925 to 1990.

In honor of his wife Dana's great-aunt, Doris Huffine, John Fraley has given us this compelling human narrative of romance, determination, happiness, tragedy, failure and success. The theme centers on Doris' intriguing life from her birth in Iowa, 1901, to work in Glacier Park, 1925, to her death in Flathead County, 1990. It is a story of grizzlies, mountain hikes, hard work and hardy people, natives and Euroamerican alike, hooked on the spirit of powerful waters and massive mountains. And of a nation with foresight to protect the "Crown of the Continent" as Glacier Park. More than that, John's dedication to history and natural land speaks clearly through his descriptive writing and assembly of historical events in Glacier Country.

Published: July 1, 1988


Pages: 223

Publisher: Big Mountain Publishing, Whitefish, MT

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