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Upcoming Events:   

Brand Inspection Day

May 8th, 2020

Anyone pick up a new horse or mule over the winter? Need a brand inspection? Did you know even if your horse or mule is not branded you are still required by law to have a Montana State brand inspection when crossing a county line? Trailhead Supply has a long standing relationship with the local brand inspectors. So for your convenience and theirs we are hosting our 3rd annual brand inspection day. Friday May 8th the Montana State Brand Inspector will be at Trailhead Supply. This event is by appointment only to ensure a a smooth and efficient day for all. Just pull up at your designated time and get you inspection(s) done. Spaces are filling up fast!!! To set up an appointment time or for more information call Andy or Jesse at 752-4437.

Permanent and/or annual inspections are available.

APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED. Please call the store to reserve a slot and learn what paperwork you need to bring with you. 406-752-4437

A huge thank you to the brand inspectors for providing this service for our customers!

Past Events:  

Dead End Express: Aired on the National Geographic Channel every Thursday 10/9c. Season One's final episode aired June 25th, 2015. Check your local listings for reruns of Season One.