Side Pull Leather Mule Halter

$ 99.95

It seems like one of those topics of conversation that never ends, let it be at the trail head, around the campfire or at the store…mule halters.  Everyone has their own idea how and why it should be built or made their way.  So we listened and took the best of the best ideas and built what we feel is the best leather mule halter on the market.  We started with US tanned Herman Oak heavy harness leather.  We got away from the industry standard of 1 ½” straps and went with 1 ¼” straps then double layered it.  This not only saves weight and lightens the burden on your stock but ended up giving this halter a great look and feel.  We added two pull rings, one at the base of the chin and a second on the left cheek allowing this halter to be used as a side pull.  The overhead strap can be either attached or adjusted using the large nickel plated roller buckle or adjust it to your mule then just use the large nickel plated spring snap on the opposite side to quickly and easily tack-up or remove the halter without having to touch the buckle.   Every inch of this halter is double layered and all stress points are: glued, stitched, and riveted.  Hardware is nickel plated.  Trailhead Supply’s mule halter is proudly made in Montana right here in the USA. 

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