Iron Cloth Utah Bags

$ 274.00

Utah bags, meat bags, Utah style panniers no matter what you call them, we have them! These panniers work great for big bulky items or just the all in one bag. Easily attached to either a Sawbuck or Decker style pack saddle. All of our Utah bags are made out of iron cloth fabric. This tough as nails fabric won’t let you down it won’t fray, rot or rip. To make these bags even tougher we added leather end protectors, both front and rear, along with reinforcing all seams with nylon webbing. All hardware is nickel plated and comes with a 70” connector strap. Traditional burnt orange in color. Sold as a pair. Our Utah bags are available in 2 sizes:

Small: Measure 25" wide x 22" tall and 12" deep.

Large: Measure 25” wide x 30” tall and a full 12”deep.  

Proudly made in the USA.

Due to supply chain issues you may notice different iron cloth is used compared to previous orders you have placed with us. Thank you for understanding.

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