Montana Series Canvas Panniers

$ 315.00

The Montana Series Canvas Panniers are big, tough, and sold exclusively by Trailhead Supply. If you are looking for a well-built canvas pannier, for that traditional look going down the trail this is the one. The Montana Series panniers have a four inch wide nylon web strap sewn completely around the bag not only for superior support and strength, but as the anchor point for all the closing straps and end handles. These panniers come standard with three closing straps that totally encompass the bags. This is a major factor in the bottom strength of a pannier. The attached lids are sewn to cap the bag itself helping keep rain and snow out. Each pannier end has a web handle making for less work when hanging your panniers on your pack saddle or moving the loaded pannier around camp or trail head. The hanging straps are 2” wide double layered nylon web, super strong and will hold up under any condition. Two large 2” nickel plated steel O-rings are sewed into the closing straps for the use in lashing or securing top packs. All inside edges are trimmed in black nylon webbing for a clean finished look. Proudly made in the USA.

Our Montana Series Panniers are offered in four sizes, so that you can easily haul the gear you need:

The Standard Montana
Inside Dimensions: 25” wide x 13” deep x 16” high
Standard Montana panniers can easily hold a poly-pannier liner.

The X-Large Montana
Inside Dimensions: 26 ½” wide x 15” deep x 15” high
X-Large Montana panniers can easily hold an Engel 35 quart bear resistant ice chest.

The Deep Montana
Inside Dimensions: 26" wide x 18" deep x 19" high
Deep Montana panniers can easily hold an Engel 50 quart bear resistant ice chest.

The Oversized Montana
Inside Dimensions: 30 ½” wide x 17” deep x 17” high
Oversized Montana panniers can easily hold an Engle 65 quart bear resistant ice chest.

Our Montana Panniers are also available in Iron Cloth check them out here.

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