Trailhead Supply Decker Pack Saddle Tree

$ 195.00

We currently have a 10 week turnaround on our pack saddle trees. Orders of larger quantities may take more time. Call us if you are placing an order of 4 or more so we can provide an accurate timeline. 406-752-4437

Trailhead Supply's decker pack saddle trees are made by hand one at a time in our Kalispell, Montana shop. We understand how a pack saddle is supposed to work and why.  The reason is simple…..We pack!!! We understand why the bars needed to be shaped a certain way so the shoulder can move without pressure. The steel hoops need to stand that exact height so there is room to hang your ropes but not too high to interfere with your top pack. The bottom of the wood bars need to have a slight roughness added to them to help keep your pad from walking out from under your saddle. Our Decker pack saddle trees come in traditional round hoops, modified square hoops, or our Double-Up hybrid Decker/Crossbuck tree. These trees are commercial grade and will stand up to a lifetime of use. The bars are cut and shaped out of high quality pine. Each bar measures 6" wide by 21" long. Corners on the bars are rounded to protect your stock. The steel hoops are produced out of 3/4" rolled steel and are securely bolted with 3 high grade machined counter sunk bolts on each mounting flange. The staggered 3 bolts keep the hoops from becoming loose unlike a 2 rivet system. These bolts are anchored into recessed blind nuts; this removes all chances of a rivet head putting pressure against your animal’s back, a common problem in mass produced trees. Bars are then urethane coated to protect them from the elements. Our steel hoops are powder coated in a rich silver color. These trees have been produced the same way since 1966 and used by: the US forest Service, Fish and Game departments, BLM, and Outfitters across this country and around the world; and now are proudly being built by Trailhead Supply.

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