Orange Tree Saver Straps by Trailhead Supply

$ 24.95

We take safety serious here at Trailhead Supply, let it be more orange around camp at hunting season, or just an added safety walking around camp making your highline more visible. Our orange tree savers are each 7 feet long and sport Trailhead Supply’s logo. Each strap has a three inch nickel plated ring at one end and a two inch nickel plated ring on the other. Having two different size rings allows ease in passing the two inch ring through the three inch when securing your tree savers around a tree, when setting up your highline. The use of Trailhead Supply’s Tree Saver Straps with your highline protects trees and eliminates cutting and damaging of the bark thus, keeping you in compliance with U.S. Forest service Wilderness Regulation #36CFR261.6 damaging any tree or vegetation is a violation resulting in a fine.
Tree Saver Straps are recommended by all those practicing leave no trace ethics. Sold in a set of two. Webbing color is orange with white Trailhead Supply logo.

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