Trailer Eyes - Horse Trailer Camera (Ships Free!)

$ 229.00

As horsemen ourselves, we know how worrisome it is while trailering our horses.

Ships Free!!

After years of developing and testing, we believe Trailer Eyes TE-0912 wireless monitoring system is the most user friendly device (horse trailer camera) on the market to monitor valued cargo in trailers.

There is no need to drill holes in your trailer. No tools required. The Trailer Eyes TE-0912 horse trailer camera can be set up in 5 minutes. 

A single alkaline 9V battery can operate the camera up to 5 hours during the day or 3 hours in night vision mode.

Here is what included when you buy the Trailer Eyes horse trailer camera package:

  1.  Windshield suction mounting bracket for monitor
  2.  Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for monitor, with 16 ft. long cable
  3.  Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for camera, with 16 ft. long cable
  4.  Monitor ( 3.5", 2.4 GHz. color, wireless)
  5.  Camera (with automatic infrared night vision, weatherproof, color
  6.  Permanent mounting bracket for camera
  7.  Car lighter power adapter for monitor
  8.  Clamping base with built-in battery case for camera
  9.  12v trailer lighting power adapter for camera
  10.  9v battery(Alkaline , non-rechargeable) for initial setup

Here's how the Trailer Eyes horse trailer camera works:

To set up the camera in your trailer: 1. Use the clamping base to mount the camera. The clamping base can be clamped on any pole or board which is less than 2 ¼” in diameter or thick. Choose the mounting spot and tighten the clip bolt on the clamping base. 2. Loosen the tilt lock knob, adjust the camera , point it in the direction where you wish to monitor, and tighten the tilt lock knob. 3. Insert a 9V battery. Turn the On/Off switch to the ON setting. A single 9 V battery can operate the camera up to 5 hours in day time, 3 hours under night vision mode. ( Rechargeable 9 V Lithium Ion battery are available.)

The Trailer Eyes horse trailer camera is set!

To set up the monitor in your pulling vehicles-- 1. Mount the goose-neck suction mount to the windshield, dashboard, or window. 2. Attach the monitor to the goose-neck suction mount. 3. Attach the antenna connector to the monitor. 4. Open the car door and mount the booster antenna (magnet base) on the side of your vehicle. Run the wire between the antenna and the monitor through the car door and the car frame, not through the car window and door frame. 5. Plug the power jack into the monitor, and then plug the 12V car lighter adapter into the lighter jack. 6. Turn the monitor on. 7. Adjust the position of the monitor, the antenna wire, and the power wire to avoid interference with the driver.

We are confident to say, Use it once you'll want it for every trip! With optional adapters,it can be easily converted to a barn cam or foaling monitor.


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