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Batten down the Hatches!!!

Well according to NOAA we are in for one hell of a snow storm.  And that is the talk of the town. I don’t really understand all the hype over a snow storm…This is NW Montana and it is December, not to mention the song “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” is playing non-stop on the radio. Why is everyone getting all excited about a foot of snow? If we even get a foot of snow. The forecast is never right.  It’s the weatherman’s fault! We all believe everything he says. People hang on every word he speaks, like a TV evangelist predicting the end times. People are out buying food like they won’t be able to get to the store till July. Maybe I should pay the weatherman to advertise for Trailhead Supply.  All he would have to do is say something like there is going to be a 40% chance of a heavy cloud cover tonight making it possible for the government to sneak in and grab your guns. I would make plans to grab the family and head to the hills.  I would be sold out of pack saddles in 30 minutes. Well, just to be honest I am watching the weather report pretty closely, because I’m heading to Mom’s for Christmas and her world famous peanut butter fudge. I had to toss in the peanut butter fudge line for my nephew who is over in the sandbox defending our freedom to celebrate Christmas.  So, don’t think for a moment that while I’m over at Mom’s the Trailhead Supply’s coffee pot will be setting idle. Jesse will be keeping it perking away!!!  Stop by, have a cup, and grab those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Trailhead Supply!

See you on the trail, even if it is snowing.


Odie was much more into the tree and snow than getting his photo taken. :)

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All I want for Christmas…

Over the last several days it seems like all I’ve been doing is racing around to get online orders packed up, boxed, and labeled. A big stack everyday just sitting all ready for either the FedEx guy or the mail lady to pick up, to start that long journey to their final destination.  Panic mode hasn’t started yet, but will in a few more days.

The phone will ring and I’ll hear a voice say “Can you get that here for Christmas? Could you send it straight to them? Can you wrap it and put a card in the box for me?”

I would love to say, this wouldn’t be an issue if you would have ordered this a month ago…but I can’t, since I haven’t started my own shopping yet.  What’s the hurry?We still have almost two weeks.

So, as I went flying by the Trailhead Supply coffee pot, the regulars were all sitting close to it like keeping warm by a campfire, they looked up and asked “Since all you do is pack, or sell packing equipment and build pack gear, what do you want for Christmas?” 

Then they go on talking about my shop at home packed full of saddles, tack, and the mountain of plastic tubs full of manties and ropes.  

“Really,” they said “What do you want for Christmas?”

I asked “Who’s paying?”   

I mean I always wanted a Ferrari Spider, oh and make that a convertible, but it just won’t pull the horse trailer.  You know the older I get the less I really want. But to be honest if I could have one thing it would be more time to use all the pack gear I have and the mules I feed. Until I win the lottery and can take more time off, keep those orders coming in, and we will do everything we can to get them to you by Christmas.

See you on the trail or in line at the post office.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


PS there are only a few hours left on our stocking stuffer sale. Shop the sale now.

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Over the River and through the Woods…

For years now, the kids have been trying to get me to go to my mom’s for Christmas… It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with mom, I love to spend time with mom.  It’s that I don’t want to go anywhere in the winter. Not due to the weather and traveling, because of the horses and mules.  If anything is going to go wrong, it’s in the winter. Frozen water, a storm blows a tree across the fence, or one of them slips and falls. Winter is tough enough, and when is Christmas…winter!!!  But after a lot of arm twisting and begging, promises to come to the ranch every day and check on the herd along with dog sitting Trailhead Supply’s shop dog Odie, I said ok. So, its official, the wife and I are going to my mom’s for Christmas.  She is excited, really excited. So excited, she has already been grocery shopping twice stocking up for the 4 ½ days I’m going to be there. Now everyone thinks their mom is the best cook ever. Sorry, my mom has everyone beat hands down.  She is planning all my favorites. There are those family recipes that are handed down from generation to generation…Like mom’s sugar cookies, just unreal good and my sister, my wife and my girls have all mastered mom’s sugar cookies. But the one thing we have all tried to replicate is her peanut butter fudge, but we can’t. Can’t even get close!!  Melt in your mouth silky smooth peanut butter fudge. So, as the word gets out that I’m heading to the wetside of Washington for Christmas I’m asked “Going to see your Mom?” “Bringing back fudge?” Next thing I know someone is dropping off another large pyrex baking dish…If she doesn’t mind I’d take some fudge. I’m not worried about the animals Syd will probably take better care of them than I do. Winter is going to be winter cold and snowy, but who cares I’ll be baking cookies and eating fudge…and drinking a lot of coffee, even though it doesn’t come out of a blue speckled pot over there its paper cups with misspelled names, I don’t get it!

See you on the trail.


Remember national cookie day is this week make some memories with our horse and mule cookie cutters…

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Party Time...ugh!!!

Oh Lord help me, it’s the start of Christmas party season. If there is one thing worse than digging the wife’s Christmas decorations out of the attic, its making the almost mandatory tour of the required parties throughout the month of December. Whoa…now wait a minute, I can already see you all reaching for that keyboard to type me hate notes under that secret screen name of yours. I love Christmas and what Christmas is all about, but the parties, oh the parties.  First, most of them are poorly planned on a conflicting night with something fun, but you feel you must go to support your significant other or the hope of ever getting another pay raise, which by the way you desperately need.  First, it’s a buffet for three time the cost as it should be.  They can charge whatever they want and you will pay it because you have to go…  Whoever got sucked into planning the party tries to make it fun…ugly sweater contest, gift exchange, and maybe karaoke!  This all goes to explain why so many people drink so much at these parties, they’re just trying to drowned out all memories of what is really happening.  As the regular Trailhead Supply crowd tours the store, where all trails lead to the coffee pot, I’m asked nonstop, are you going to this party or that party?  This year my answer is nope!! My wife and I decided instead of spending all that money on candied carrots and flavorless cheese cake we are going out of town and having a weekend away with the person we want to be with, each other.  If any of you want to plan a real party that includes a large fire some steaks on the grill with only a few people in the middle of nowhere, you might be able to talk me into showing up…If you let me bring a mule or two I might even break out the ugly sweater….

Till next week, see you on the trail…


Need a gift for under ten bucks for that gift exchange? Try a Trailhead Supply coffee cup…The gift that keeps giving!!!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and then comes Black Friday. I don’t get the hype. Why stand in line for hours to save three dollars on a neck tie to give someone who won’t wear it anyway? Instead for the last couple of years Trailhead Supply has participated in #optoutside on Black Friday, we close our doors and spend an extra day outside with friends and family. We don’t want to be any part of this materialistic madness.  I pack a big old turkey sandwich and a thermos of good hot coffee and probably a piece of pie and head up on some ridge top in the middle of nowhere and enjoy life to the fullest. I have never understood why anyone wants to go fight a million people at some big box store at the wee hours of the night for a toaster. I don’t want to go to any box store in the first place let alone when they are crammed with all those people. I’m a practical guy, and I buy practical gifts, gifts that help people fulfill and live their dreams. Take all those folks you talk to, that you tell about your horse adventures to, and they always say I wish I could do that!!! Get them riding lessons for Christmas. That person that says before I die I’m packing my horses and mules into the back country for a hunt of a life time, buy them a how to pack book, maps, a pack saddle, but not a pair of fuzzy slippers. Help them to reach that dream or at least get closer to it. They don’t need another neck tie or bottle of perfume they need to learn to live!!!   All of us at Trailhead Supply support small business 110% these business owners across this great country are the backbone of your communities. So this Christmas season shop small and get gifts that will help people make memories!!

Living the dream.

See you on the trail


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