Your Time Starts Now!!!

We all think we have it rough. The blowing winds, pouring down rain, blowing snow, or just down right cold. Anything mother nature can throw at us we push back, and let her know, I got this. We bundle up, pull on an extra layer, and head out to feed the stock.  Day after day we trudge outdoors and throw that hay, maybe a little extra grain on those really chilly nights; well whether they need it or not it makes us feel better. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the watering issues.  Frozen pipes and hydrants, broken tank heaters, and the list goes on and on.  We just keep going, just like the energizer bunny.  We have to, their lives depend on us.  As the front door of Trailhead Supply swings open in walks Nanook of the North heading straight to the coffee pot while trying to talk through a scarf wrapped face….Something about having to now haul in water in a tank in the pickup but then the valve freezes and something about a torch and it’s just all Bull$@%t….Normally this conversation is quickly followed by I don’t know why in the F&#k I keep doing this etc. etc. etc. Slowly they warm up and they drop their scarf, remove their hat, and say “Wow it’s cold out there!”  Then I’m asked if I know what the dates are for the upcoming mule auction is.  I just laugh I can’t really say anything because this could have easily been me!! 

   Last weekend I was invited to a bonfire and the topic of conversation was… How long does it take you to feed every day? Everyone there could tell you exactly how long it took them. And the time factor of variables added in like…you have to add and additional x- minutes if they fed at night with a headlamp If the pickup slid into the ditch that was carrying a round bale and had to chain up to get out.  As the mercury drops how much longer it took for each 5-degree fluctuation.  The double extra amount of time if it drops to -25 or below.  I just chucked to myself because all these years I thought I was the only one to keep track of winter feeding times...

Stay warm, pour another cup, spring is coming...well then we can talk about mud.


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  • Susie Drougas says...

    I really think the best thing to do this time of year after you feed the horses – is sit down and read a good book. I would suggest a book about horses, camping, adventure, and just basically the BCHW lifestyle. <3 With a lot of action and suspense thrown in. Just sayin….

    January 18, 2017

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