Who Needs the Hearing Aid

I need one…You need one…

I’m sure things around my ranch are just about the same as they are at yours.  My wife tells me often how deaf I am and how I need hearing aids.  She tells the kids, and everyone she knows, how I can’t hear.  She has told the world that I should go get my hearing checked.  She just doesn’t hear me answer her is the problem. I’ve been told I just have selective hearing.  The truth of the matter is, she probably needs one more than I do…

Take last night, I come in from a long day at Trailhead Supply and she asked, “how was your day?  Any big news?” 

To which I replied “Corey is getting a new horse.”

Oh my God!!! Why???

I said ”Because he wants one.”

“What does his wife think?”

“I don’t know, he told her on Facebook.”

“Really?” my wife replied.

I said “Yes, and everyone thinks it’s great!”

“I don’t understand, she is so nice!!! Why would you tell someone that on Facebook?”

“Maybe so she will be calmed down by the time he gets it home.” Kinda like when I brought Molly, that black mule, home in the dark so you couldn’t see her for a few days until you were home in the daylight.”  

“What??? What does a mule have to do with Corey getting a divorce?”

“Good Lord not a divorce a new horse…”

Don’t worry, spring is coming, and we can all get out soon and over this cabin fever stuff.  Until then…

See you on the trail!


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  • Ed says...

    Got my hearing ’re-tested yesterday. When there is a hearing loss, The part of the brain that is supposed to translate (for a lack of a better word) the words the ear is sending it, will atrophy. Hearing aids just slow down the process.

    February 28, 2018

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