What's Under Your Tree?

I ran over to the local hardware store to pick up a couple of things. First stop was for a cup of coffee and grab a free bag of popcorn. Now that I’m prepared for the long walk around the store, I was off. As I rounded the first corner then the next, and then… “Oh Lord!” They are putting out Christmas stuff. What the??? It isn’t even Halloween, hunting season hasn’t really started yet, Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away and it hasn’t even snowed. So, really do we need Christmas this soon?  I got so rattled I had to leave before the Christmas music started up.  I got back to Trailhead Supply just in time to warm up the coffee in my cup and tell the horrifying Christmas story I had just experienced, to the guys sitting around the store drinking my coffee and …now complaining I don’t have popcorn (I should have left that part out). I could tell they were more interested in hearing the story of the tree falling on Bud’s new tractor than my holiday dilemma, so I threw out the question.  Should I be decorating Trailhead Supply for Christmas already? The answer was no!!! It’s not Christmas yet! Who needs all those blinking lights and fake snow and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas over and over and over again.

But then one of the guys said, “It would be nice if you brought in some of those treats for my mules, I could buy them some for Christmas.”

I said “We have treats for your mules…peppermint even.” I pointed across the store. 

“Well it would be nice if you displayed them over here by the coffee pot.”

Then the whole conversation rabbit trailed off on who really buys their animals gifts for Christmas and do they really wrap them and then put these wrapped treats under the tree.  So, since my panel of coffee drinking experts failed me, what would you like to see Trailhead Supply bring in this Christmas season to help make your shopping quick, easy and painless? Because Lord knows you don’t want more underwear from your mother.

Until the snow gets deeper…

See you on the trail



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  • Kathy Young says...

    I’ll be frequenting Target more, right up to Thanksgiving. They decided to put off the HUGE CHRISTMAS BLAST OFF, at least for a while.
    Or… I’ll just avoid shopping until Dec 23, my normal method of operation.

    October 25, 2017

  • Rob P says...

    How about baseball hats with your logo. Not trucker or flat brim style but a good old curved brim baseball style hat

    October 25, 2017

  • R Wagner says...

    Good read Andy

    October 25, 2017

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