What’s with your cup???

We all have that favorite cup, you know the one you always reach for to pour that morning cup of coffee.  We all have the ones the kids made in school or bible camp some felt pen drawings and scribbles on them. The one mom gave you from her last trip to Disney world. They mean a lot but you don’t use them, they just sit in the cabinet. But there’s that one you use every day washed or not. What is the story behind that cup??  Why that cup???  Even here at Trailhead Supply the regulars come in and every time they grab the same cup off the hook… Some have brought their own cup in and use it religiously. The cup that gets used in all of our Coffee with Andy photos, is all bent on one side…I was hobbling “Chop,” my half draft mare, she was going to graze with the mules. I was going to enjoy a hot cup of coffee right off the fire and watch a breath-taking sunrise till she put her #3 shoe on my cup, then applied all 1450 pounds of her delicate girlish figure. So much for the coffee, but the sunrise was grand.  I have a cup I found hanging on a tree branch riding down Youngs Creek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness on my wife’s first pack trip.  The last ten years of my grandfather’s life he called me every morning at 6am sharp, so we can have coffee together via telephone every morning.  He drank his coffee every morning in a Yuban coffee cup…I still have that cup.  There is more to that cup of coffee…there’s the cup and the memories. Take the time have another cup and make some memories. The memories share and the cup your holding may live longer than you….

See you on the trail.


Coffee with Andy by Trailhead Supply a blog about your favorite coffee cup.

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  • Julie says...

    Eula Mae liked china cups with a “thin rim”. No mugs for her… and she always heated it with boiling water before she put her coffee in it. It could never be too hot. And whipping cream was her preference. She would use 1/2 and 1/2 if that was all that was available, but forget milk….if that was the only choice, she would drink it black. Sweet memories!!!

    July 26, 2017

  • Kathy Y says...

    Just two more days and my coffee cup will be on the road to Wyoming (along with it’s new friend the RED cup). More adventures.

    July 12, 2017

  • Rob P says...

    You need a like button like on instagram or Facebook. So I can give your blog a like without having to reply. Another great blog article, keep em coming. And on that note, my favorite camp coffee cup is blue enamel with a Trailhead Supply logo on the side!

    July 12, 2017

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