Week 7: The Time Is Now

A little under two weeks to go until spring is officially here...and, yep it’s snowing again…That’s the common topic around the Trailhead Supply coffee pot. Snow… Will it ever stop? When is it going to melt? I’m sick of winter!!! We all know the answer, yes it will and it won’t be long. But are you ready? I can’t begin to tell you how many people have come into the store and said I need a new pack saddle, I’m packing more this year than I ever have. This is the year!!! I’m covering more miles on that old horse than I ever have before. They finish their cup of coffee, turn for the door and in parting say “I’ll be back as soon as the snow melts.” Then we have the folks calling in on the phone asking for routes around the Bob Marshall as they begin planning their bucket list trip, asking the same questions… We love to help plan your trip, by the way!!!

So, this week’s prep for spring discussion is “the time is now”. Spring will be here soon enough, followed by summer, which is chased hard by hunting season. Buy the mule, order the saddle, and start the planning. No matter what the weather is doing, everyone will still be going to the sale barn, buying horses and mules, don’t hold off on the tack until the snow melts. All of us at Trailhead Supply along with all the other pack saddle and tack builders don’t want to be the bad guys when we can’t deliver your orders on time because you drug your feet making that order because you were depressed about all the snow, rain and mud (depending on where you live) It is just not all about tack…as you begin planning will you need certified feed? Bear resistant food storage? Are you camping with the stock? Highline or electric fence? What kind of paperwork do you need to haul your stock to another state or even another county in your home state? Have you got a trainer lined up yet for that new mule you plan on buying?  Have you booked that farrier appointment yet? Spring is coming quick, are you ready?

I’m right there with you! I spent Sunday shoveling gates open so I can feed round bales while I’m gone this weekend, which I had to go buy. Where am I going? Back Country Horsemen of Washington’s Rendezvous. I’ll be there teaching pack clinics and showing off our decker pack saddles…

See you on the trail, or better yet, stop by and get your gear on order before your trip! We want to help you make the most of it.


PS- If you aren't sure where to start check out our Resources Page on our website. We have a gear checklist and links to some of the best websites for trail conditions to get you started.

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