Week 3: Reach Goals & Get Healthy

New Years has come and gone along with all those resolutions... Well they really never got started.  Here we are 7 weeks later and five pounds heavier with a bad case of cabin fever setting in. That's where our Week 3 of preparation comes in. We all have been staring at the calendar, counting the days for spring to get here so we can quit shoveling snow…Well its time to do something about it! Well we can’t stop it from snowing, but we can get our head in the game and shake that winter time slump. You need to set a goal, work toward that goal and achieve your goal. I’m doing the same thing, but I’ve set two goals. I know, I’m just an overachiever!!!  LOL, they truly go together so why not take them both on at once. 

Goal #1, There is a couple of pack trips I’ve wanted to go on with friends and family… I know you’re thinking to yourself, “he packs all summer” Right, but not just to go enjoy quality time with friends and family. To make these trips become a reality, I’m now getting all my tack cleaned up, repaired and oiled. We are now planning routes, picking campsite locations and putting dates on the calendar. I’m excited!!! This really isn’t a normal thing for me.  If your reading this and are thinking I’d like to learn to pack, this is the time of year to go sign up for a packing class or clinic. If you live where there are no classes offered, pick up a how to pack book, watch a YouTube video, gather up some maps and start planning that trip. Call the land manager like the Forest Service for example for trip info…They can’t give you specifics yet, those trails may still be under snow, but it’s a starting point and this keeps you on task to reach your summer goal.  Remember you can always call Trailhead Supply we have customers all over the country both private parties and Outfitters riding those same trails giving us feed back and updates.

Goal #2…. I joined the gym!!!  Stop laughing!!! Yes, Andy joined a gym. And starting right after I finish up teaching a couple of pack classes, I start some hard-core training.  As many of you know I had my shoulder rebuilt due to my active lifestyle, but I still can’t open a jar or bottle.  Its pretty bad after a long hot, dusty day on the trail and I have to find someone at the trail head to twist open the cap on a beer… So, the time has come to quit whining and fix the issue, so I hired a trainer…I’m bigger than her but I know she can kick my ass if I don’t do what she tells me to do. I know I need to get into shape and with most of our doctors and horses, they would love to see us all loose 10 – 15 pounds… and feel better at the same time. The back country is no place for a heart attack.  Spring is coming, even if it doesn’t look like it. Don’t give up, it is. So, get ready to hit the trail and do something good for yourself, both for your mind and your body….

See you on the trail or maybe at the gym,



Want to hit up the gym with Andy? Don't worry we will have a follow up blog I'm sure! Check out Access Fitness with coach Leah. Photo credit to Leah Jensen and Access Fitness:  http://www.accessfitnesskalispell.com/trainer/leah-jensen/

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  • Phil Boice says...

    I can sort of relate.. I had both knees replaced last winter.. I did pretty good last summer and thru hunting season but this winter my left one is having issues and kicking my butt.
    My normal winter thing is snowshoes and x-country skis. Two winters without has taken a toll!
    Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can get these issues resolved and ease back into an active lifestyle!! Haying season is right around the corner too!!👍

    February 27, 2019

  • R Wagner says...

    Timing is perfect, starting to “walk” and lose 15 lbs myself-good to know I’m not alone.

    February 13, 2019

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