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So first I’d like to thank all of you for shopping with us at Trailhead Supply, if it wasn’t for the online and phone orders there wouldn’t be a blog this week…

We ship all of our smaller, lighter weight, orders via the US Postal Service, but when I’m out of town, like at a tradeshow, I use my Cabela’s Visa to pay the online shipping charges. The problem is that lately every time I pay USPS on Cabela’s it locks my card up. Now I’m out of town with no Visa card.  When I get home I have a message on my answering machine that says for my safety the Cabela’s fraud department has locked my card up……So, I call the fraud dept. and whoever I talk to ask me if I had made a charge or charges to USPS click and ship?  I say yes, and they turn it back on.  Last week this happened again…

I called and got what sounded like a young gal. The best part, she could speak English. I asked her why does this happen and explained what a huge pain in the rear this was.  She told me how sorry she was and how it wasn’t her is was the fraud dept. I explained I didn’t care I wanted to know why and how could we avoid this problem in the future.  She then started to explain to me this is a common situation on all international charges………..Wait one minute how is this and international charge? I asked. It is the US Postal Service and I placed that order in the US…You lost me.  She said the charges are accepted overseas…I said really!?!  Please don’t tell me my charges are being laundered in Russia.  She said no, the district of Columbia.  I said that’s in the US. That is the Capital of the United States. She said No, it’s a foreign country… Since when???  After fifteen minutes I gave up and said thank you.

I am not talking trash about Cabela’s at all… this is a country wide problem. When an adult in our great country doesn’t have a clue where the capital of this great Nation is located, it truly saddens me…Don’t depend on or blame someone else to educate or lack of educating of our youth, It is all of our responsibility to Make America Great Again and this starts at home.

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