Traveling Light

 As I started packing for that first big pack adventure, I hit my first hurdle that I needed to overcome, lack of space on my trusty stead. It wasn’t so much a weight issue (other than that balance thing) it was the lack of room. There was only so much cool stuff I wanted to take with me, just in case I needed it. How do I cut back on gear but still enjoy somewhat of a comfy camp? Over the years I’ve learn over and over again what I must have, what I would like to have, and that stuff that just needs to stay home…and really I should never have bought!!! I saw a picture posted the other day online. A huge Boy Scout canvas sleeping bag was sitting on top of the pack saddle. That sleeping bag was so big it wouldn’t even fit in the pannier and I know it couldn’t have weighed more than five pounds it was just fluff, but it took half a pack animal.

I drew a moose take several years ago and a buddy wanted to tag along on the hunt. We met at the trail head. He was waiting for me holding the biggest sleeping pad I’ve ever seen to date!!! It was like he rolled up a twin mattress… again half a horse and only five pounds. It seems there is a pattern developing, your sleeping comfort is the main space consuming area to cut back on. I started my back-country adventures back packing. I had a lot of light weight gear which rolled over to my stock packing adventures. Light weight stuffable sleeping bags are a must!! The sleeping pad (which I have) rarely makes an appearance past the trail head. For sleeping comfort I sleep on saddle pads. For lighting it’s a small headlight so I can have both hands free, and minimal extra clothing. The reason I run light even with all my mules? Less work packing them up, and more room for what is important… food!!!

I do pack a lot of perishable food in with me, it’s a luxury I can do since I have ample stock, but rest assured I have some dehydrated food easily accessible in case of an emergency or a day trip out to some remote spot away from base camp. Sydney and I eat a lot of freeze dried. We can tell you the good, and the not so good.  This past Father’s day we tried a new line of freeze dried food out on the market, Peak Refuel. We were so impressed but the product we now carry the full line of Peak meals here at Trailhead Supply.  No matter if we are grilling t-bones or huddled under a tarp boiling water for instant something stop in, the coffee is always on.

See you on the trail.


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