Tis the season we are all running to this trail head or that trail head, getting as much riding in as we can.   We all take pretty good care of our tack and animals, but what about that big metal can we load all that tack and horse flesh into?  Every time I pull into a trail head, I get out stretch and look around to make sure all is safe to unload the string. You know there is always an unattended dog running loose, an unsupervised horse just wandering around grazing while the owner is  having one more adult beverage before loading up and heading home, or those two stray kids on bikes darting here or there having too much fun and not paying any attention to anything else going on.  While surveying the surroundings I often look at the other trailers parked there to guess how many other trail users I might encounter. While looking over the trailers I am always shocked to see one or two that I’m surprised made it to the trail head. Now my trailer is not beautiful, but its sound. I would love to have a new trailer, the mules would love to have a new trailer (they told me) but it would look just like the one I have now after a year of running all the gravel road in and out from the trail heads. Those gravel road take their toll on trucks and trailers. We have broken axles, leak springs and blown tires. That’s why I can say my trailer is sound it’s all new underneath!!! Take some time and walk around your trailer, check it out inside and out. Check the tires, the summer heat raises the temperature of the asphalt road surface to unbelievable levels, which intern raises your tires air pressure to a point you may start blowing tires. Lift the mats inside and check the floor boards for dry rot. And always check the lights and brakes. If you have someone you really trust have them drive your truck and you ride in the trailer, you’ll be amassed at all the rattles, swinging trailer ties and loose gates you’ll notice. Why would your stock want to ride in there if you find it scary!  When you’re planning the logistics of your trip plan on leaving early or maybe even the evening before when the temperature is cooler, you may be comfortable in the cab of the truck with the AC on but the stock doesn’t have that luxury…

See you on the trail


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