Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and then comes Black Friday. I don’t get the hype. Why stand in line for hours to save three dollars on a neck tie to give someone who won’t wear it anyway? Instead for the last couple of years Trailhead Supply has participated in #optoutside on Black Friday, we close our doors and spend an extra day outside with friends and family. We don’t want to be any part of this materialistic madness.  I pack a big old turkey sandwich and a thermos of good hot coffee and probably a piece of pie and head up on some ridge top in the middle of nowhere and enjoy life to the fullest. I have never understood why anyone wants to go fight a million people at some big box store at the wee hours of the night for a toaster. I don’t want to go to any box store in the first place let alone when they are crammed with all those people. I’m a practical guy, and I buy practical gifts, gifts that help people fulfill and live their dreams. Take all those folks you talk to, that you tell about your horse adventures to, and they always say I wish I could do that!!! Get them riding lessons for Christmas. That person that says before I die I’m packing my horses and mules into the back country for a hunt of a life time, buy them a how to pack book, maps, a pack saddle, but not a pair of fuzzy slippers. Help them to reach that dream or at least get closer to it. They don’t need another neck tie or bottle of perfume they need to learn to live!!!   All of us at Trailhead Supply support small business 110% these business owners across this great country are the backbone of your communities. So this Christmas season shop small and get gifts that will help people make memories!!

Living the dream.

See you on the trail


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  • Martim says...

    You’re so right , Andy .

    November 25, 2017

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