The Big Adventure: Part 1

Well it's happening!!! The family is packing into the “BOB” for 10 days.  We have talked about going for years, but with running Trailhead Supply and other obligations, that always seem to pop up, it has just never happened.  Don’t take me wrong, we are in there every weekend, packing in trail crews, stocking lakes with fish…but a ten-day family adventure, not!!!  Many, many of you have called us over the years seeking information and advice on packing, stock, preferred trail destinations and what the fish are biting on. Is there graze, what to see and what to do…But now that we are planning our own bucket list adventure it's all different.  So, I thought over the next few weeks I’ll include you in our planning process through these blogs. Maybe it will help you as you start to prepare for your big summer adventure. 

Well let’s get started…The first and hardest part is to get a set of dates that work for all parties involved. We thought we had it nailed. It was on the calendar, the dog even had a place reserved at the kennel, that was until I got a call last night from one of those going “conflict” CRAP!!! Okay five phone calls and emails later, which has now rolled into today, checking dates etc. for alternate dates that work for everyone.  Yes, you read that right…dog to the kennel. Odie, our shop dog, goes everywhere with me. And he loves going out on the trail when my wife and daughter hike all summer long. But I have seen way too many issues over the years out on the trail involving a dog.  I know, I hear it all the time, my dog is great with my stock, and Odie hangs out with my mules. But your stock doesn’t know my dog; and my stock doesn’t know your dog. So, I made that decision years ago and the hound stays home on the trips we have stock on. 

Then one last issue we are battling and we won’t be the only one.  What do we do with our business? Being a small business owner has a list of special issues; one being if your family owned and that family is headed into the Bob Marshall for 10 days how does it run? How do we keep supplying gear to all of our customers who are prepping for their bucket list trip??

See you on the trail.


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  • Kathy Young says...

    Sweet! Good for you.

    June 17, 2020

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