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I’m no different than the rest of you; this whole internet shopping experience is kinda weird.  In fact I would much rather be flipping through the pages of some catalog than staring into some monitor. Unfortunately it’s just not that way anymore.  Although there are some benefits, like you don’t have to shower and heck if your one of those types, you don’t even have to have your pants on, and you do save a whole lot of diesel not driving around town looking for what you are after. You just look at a picture press on a button that’s not really a button, but more like a little blue or yellow buy now square on the screen, and it is in your cart. And there isn’t even really a cart. You have never touched it, smelt it, felt it, there’s no tires to kick, so to speak. Click, enter a credit card number, and it ends up in your mail box or on your door step in a few days. This is why I decided to write this, just seems odd to me to put faith and trust into a little skinny TV thing that the grandkids know more about than you do. Not knowing diddly squat about who’s really on the other side of that screen.  Well it’s time to put names and faces together, get to know all of us, and become part of our family.

Let me introduce you to Trailhead Supply.  My daughter, Sydney, and I like most of you, spent hours and hours going through tack stores, catalogs, and searching the internet (more her than me) looking for just what we wanted as far as pack gear goes. We would go into those chain type ranch and home type stores and we couldn’t find what we truly wanted or needed.  A sales person would ask “finding everything OK ………”NO” do you have???? and you then  always get that same blank look no matter what store you are in.  Why?? Because they don’t pack, they just don’t understand, they simply don’t get it.  Packing is in a world by itself. Don’t get me started when you tell someone you pack and they go “oh so you trail ride”…….We got tired of the retailers telling us this is what you need when we knew what we wanted and that wasn’t it.  We got tired of buying kinda what we wanted just to take it home tear it apart and rebuild it just to have something that truly worked. We didn’t want something made in china and it was really too small for what I needed because someone made more money by getting more units out of a roll of fabric. We wanted what we wanted, we wanted what worked. So, sitting around a campfire one evening the idea was thrown out there, what if WE opened a pack supply store and sold what people really want?

We are proud to say Trailhead Supply was born. We have been open since the end of 2009. Our brick and mortar store is located in Kalispell, MT about an hour from endless acres of wilderness. Our goal is to sell quality pack equipment, that is built and functions the way packers want it to be. We select products made in America whenever possible, and if it’s made in Montana, even better. We are proud to be a small business, and support other locally owned businesses whenever we can. We are a family owned and operated business. Each member of our family plays a vital role in keeping the lights on at Trailhead Supply. So, now that you know a little about our store, stay tuned, this is the kick off to our blog series about the behind the scenes of Trailhead Supply. In the coming weeks you will get to know each face that makes Trailhead Supply what it is.

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