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Week 8: It's Spring!!!

And Its Spring!!!

Well we made it!!!   Its spring and the good Lord and the weatherman didn’t let us down … Sunshine and warmer snow melting temps, life is good. The one topic I wanted to bring up in preparation for spring, and probably the most forgotten is your trailer. This is where your trusty stead rides, and for your safety, their safety and the safety of others lets spend a little time this morning going over your trailer. I held off doing a blog on trailers, not because it’s a hot controversial subject…Mine is just buried in snow!

We probably all saw the picture floating around Facebook of that gooseneck that broke in half, full of horses. That could have been any of us, lets be honest who has inspected all the welds on their trailer? And if you did and found a bad weld what would you do? I’m guessing you are like the other 99.9 percent of all trailer owners. You think to yourself it will make it there and back … And that’s the last time you think about it.  Winter is hard on trailers buried under snow, everything in and on that unit is froze. Wire connections get damp and corroded. Bearing grease deteriorates and the material in the rubber compound of your tires breaks down, the wood in your floor just gets weaker. I know the days are getting longer but this year I want all of you to actually inspect your lights. Make sure they are all working. This may require you to spend a couple of bucks and buy a new light. Check the wiring, replace all that wire with cracked or bare and exposed wire showing. If you are having to pull some new wire, this is a great time to add some lights to ease in saddling or unsaddling in the dark. If that’s not in the budget or your skill set, don’t forget we carry 2 different options of Nebo lights that work great for your tack room! Maybe add a camera in the trailer to keep an eye on the stock. Tires: don’t be cheap in this area… buy the right size and ply rating, don’t skimp and use a set of old snow tires just because they are laying around, left over from the old pickup you no longer own. When we get to the running gear if you are not comfortable in packing bearings, doing brakes etc it may be a good time to seek out a professional.  The life of a trailer is a funny thing… It sits in hibernation all winter under a deep blanket of snow. Then one day it hits the road loaded heavy, and running hard all summer. But a break down away from home is a big dollar headache.

Take this short window of time before the trails melt out and dry up and get things in shape…One more thing that’s always fun to try is ride in your horse trailer while your trusted friend drives, check out where the wind blows in and all the rattles and swinging trailer ties your horses and mules have to deal with…There may be a reason they don’t like to ride in some trailers, just a thought…

See you on the trail!


PS- For the record, it's officially the first day of spring according to officials. However, we celebrate the 1st day of spring on the 21st in our house, which was the official first day of spring for years. Happy Birthday to Judy tomorrow on the Breland first day of spring!

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It’s Just 4 Wires

Growing up my dad taught me just about everything I needed to know to survive and make it in this world.   Sure I keep learning as things change but the basics and foundation had been laid.  Even those things he tried to explain over and over, you know……you’re thinking, right …like why.  Then 40 years later it all makes since.  Well here it is that time of year again when the days are getting shorter and those trailer lights you haven’t messed with need to be fixed.  Did you really need them all summer? Apparently not, you just drove around in daylight hours, well that won’t work anymore. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are stealing day light hours from you faster every day.  So, as I go out to mess with the trailer light I still remember dad saying its just 4 wires.  Ground, right turn, left turn and running lights.  He always started with ground.  As he was verifying which one was ground he always said 99% of all your lighting problems goes right back to a poor ground, and you know he’s still right.   I’ll spend a half of day under a trailer tracing wires and rebuilding looms and get nowhere and finally decide to check out all the ground connections and sure enough……..

   I have a black flatbed trailer.  A good friend of mine bought it first then it became mine.  It’s a great trailer!!!  But my buddy lives that feast or famine life style.  He had no place to store it so he left it at my place, with the understanding I could use it like its mine.  Then he got money again and came and picked it up.  Then he was losing everything so I bought it from him because he needed  cash.  Then he needed to use it so he came and borrowed it.  Then he called and said I’m living in Texas.  I asked where is my trailer it’s almost hay season and I kinda need the trailer.  Well you see I needed to get my stuff to Texas so it’s down here……  So, out of the blue the phone rings a couple of years later, it’s my dear old buddy, “Hey I have a friend headed your way you want to buy this trailer back from me?”  I said, “It’s my trailer!! The title is still in my name.” “Well yeah, but I told this guy you would buy his gas if he hauls you the trailer.”  So, it arrived and I went to hook up to it and my factory wiring harness has been cut with what appears to be an ax.  Wires are twisted, cut taped, bare and dragging.  A huge bird nest looking mess, a multitude of different colored wires.  OH MY GOD !!! I looked at this guy and said what is this???   Well it didn’t plug into my truck so I fixed it.  I had to ask do the lights work??  Nope !!!!   I looked at him and said you know it’s just 4 wires………

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