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How to Manty…

To manty or not to manty that is the question… Not everything fits in a pannier and you can’t top pack every odd thing you want or need to bring along, so, what is one to do? Well I manty almost everything I pack, and once you get it down the skies the limit to what you can pack and take along. It’s as fast as stuffing things into a box or bag. It’s so simple it’s confusing…Slinging mantied loads also allows you to adjust and balance your weight from side to side just by raising and lowering your loads.

The manty… the most common size these days is 7’x 8’. I like 18 ounce, untreated, and unhemmed canvas. There are 15-ounce canvas manties out there for sale, but why? Your canvas will become lighter and thinner with age and use, also the 18- ounce canvas manties are tougher and less likely to tear than a lighter tarp.

To manty:

First I mark all my manties, why? First off, this shows they’re yours and less likely to walk off, secondly, I now have a dirty side and a clean side. My branded side always goes down toward the ground (less likely to get horse manure in my sleeping bag this way) Lay out your manty in a diamond shape, you’ll be standing at the bottom point.

Place your item and/or items in the center of the tarp between the bottom point and top point of your diamond.

Then pull the bottom point up and over the load, next pull either the left or right side over followed by the other.

Lastly pull the top over.

Now to tie it, this will require a manty rope. A Manty rope is about 38 feet in length of 3/8” and has an eye back braided on one end and traditionally finished with a back splice on the other. The rope is fed through the eye to create a loop.

The loop is then placed around your tarped load, top to bottom, and pulled tight. Then throw three half hitches horizontally around your load.

When finished with your third horizontal half hitch, bring the tail of the rope around and up the rear of your load, then over the top.

Create a loop in your rope and pass that loop diagonally under your vertical rope (top to bottom loop) and top horizontal half hitch. Then push another loop through your first loop and pull tight, then add a half hitch around your loop to lock it in and you have a mantied load.

Your goal is to end up with a load about the size of a bale of hay.

If you are still a little confused, watch for our YouTube video coming soon on how to manty, until then….

See you on the trail


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