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And…Let the fun begin!!!

Well it’s trade show season!!!  It’s that time of year when all of us here at Trailhead Supply juggle our schedules, covering both the store while also taking on the weekend shows and seminars.  Every year we kick off the season with a late February show at the Montana Sportsman Expo.  This is the show we dust off our trade show hats and start really getting into the groove of talking to hundreds of guests that visit our booth, tour the wall tent, or sit in on one or more of my packing seminars. This is a great show to start off with, it’s close to home (3 blocks from the store) easy to run back and grab anything we forgot to bring…Like that would ever happen.  See all our missing customers and friends that have been hibernating all winter, with our never-ending snow.

We love to get out and show off all the new and exciting gear for the trail riders and in the world of packing horses and mules.  What we are proudest of this year is Trailhead Supply’s new line of pack saddles.  At first glance they look the same as last year, so what’s different? The decker trees are being made right here in Trailhead’s shop. Out pack saddles are 100% Trailhead made right here in Montana from the tree up!!!  We all put a lot of time, quality, and pride in every decker rolling out our doors.  Don’t worry we haven’t lost our focus on everyone who just wants to trail ride. We have an endless list of new tack and gear for you too!!!  If you can swing by one of the upcoming events we would love to meet you and get to know all of our customers on a personal basis.  

What is it about horse/mule expos? The food is always better; and it seems I always bring another mule home with me………….

See You on the Trade Show trail……..


Upcoming Events

Backcountry Horsemen of Washington Rendezvous

March 17-19 Ellensburg, WA        

Backcountry Horsemen of MT State Convention

Mar 24 – 26 Polson, MT

45th Annual Salmon Select Mule & Horse Sale

April 6-8 Salmon, ID

Mile City Bucking Horse Sale

May 18 – 21  Miles City, MT

Jake Clark's Mule Days

June 14 – 18 Ralston, WY

For more details on any of these events, visit our Events page.

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