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What’s for Dinner?!?

And just like that summer is here and we are doing whatever we can to get out on the trails. If you are like all of us at Trailhead Supply, you are pushing that weekend every which way to get the most out of it you can. Let it be dragging the horse trailer to work with you on Friday, having your significant other picking you up at the office with the ponies already loaded, and then roaring out of town to get to the trail head before dark.  Two hours later you make it to the trail head, now to unload the stock, set camp up, start packing gear for a very early morning departure…But when do you eat?

It was too early for dinner when you pulled out of town to stop for supper, and who wants to waste 30 plus minutes at a so called fast food place, teaching some kid math and how to give proper change not to mention the parking! The whole parking lot designed for the maximum amount of Mini Coopers it can hold, not duallys and a gooseneck. Dinner is important. In my case for several reasons: first I love to eat, second I pack with a diabetic and we need to keep him in check so we have an uneventful weekend!!!  But what shall we cook? That’s the question… As you can tell if you follow Trailhead Supply on Facebook and on past blogs I cook big meals. Dutch ovens ringed with hot coals, steaks over the fire, you know 5 start white linen … But that’s not always possible. We throw freeze dried into the mix as well, but if you are going to be eating it every meal in the back country, why not have a big meal before you hit the trail?

We are looking to make a list we can share on our website resource page so other can use your already proven recipes, ideas, ect. For fast easy one pot type filling enjoyable meals. So, let us know what ace you have up your sleeve as you gather round your roll-a-table and impress your friends…

See you on the trail.


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Food or Freeze Dried?

There was a recent post on Facebook on one of the packing pages talking about your back country menus. I love food and therefore I loved reading everyone’s comments, hacks and ideas.  The thing that surprised me was how many packers said their back country menu was made up of Mountain House? You know freeze dried food… Now I have nothing against freeze dried food, I have probably consumed more than the average guy, and if you add my daughter Sydney into the equation, it would be safe to say we have tried about every flavor, by every company on the market.  In fact to this day every Christmas we give each other a new flavor we have found through out the year just to try. Some good some not so good… This all stems from our younger more in shape years of backpacking mile after mile, where weight was a critical and a main issue… But now decades later, I own stock and plenty of them. These are the same animals that I feed morning and night when its -30 and snowing or 105 in the blistering sun.  The least these massive hay eating animals can do in return for my labor of love of caring for them, is to pack a real, thick, fresh, succulent T-bone in for me!!! Let us not forget some potatoes that I can bake, a few canned adult beverages, and maybe even some ice for that night cap by the fire.  I eat well in the back country lets make no mistake about that!!! I do pack a freeze dried meal in with me that is for an emergency only meal. And for the record I pack eggs, lots of eggs, in the shell, not pre-cracked in an old peanut butter jar. Why you ask? Well Chuck likes his eggs over easy and I like mine sunnyside up…why else!!!

No matter what you like to eat or what kind of cook you are just get out and enjoy your time on the trail with friends and family.

See you on the trail!


PS- Ready to upgrade from freeze dried, but not sure where to start with back country cooking? Register for our dutch oven class coming up in June! Click here for details.

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Week 5: Keep Cooking

Keep Cooking …

I was hoping to post a bunch of great camp kitchen set-ups.  But it just keeps snowing, and snowing, and snowing.  How do I break the winter blues and fight off cabin fever? I cook!!! Its time to try out all those recipes you were thinking would be great out on the trail.  You know the ones I’m talking about the ones that just WOW! All your campfire guests. Once you find some great tasting dish that you and all you packing/trail riding buddies will love, then the work really starts. 

You need to start breaking it down for easy back country cooking. I know very few folks that would rather be cooking, slaving away over the propane stove than be out fishing. But food is also a major part of my back country trips…. Let me start by saying there are some really good freeze-dried meals out there but unless there is a major weight and or space issue, I’ll just tie on another mule and eat like a King!  There are a few things I’ve learned over the years. All my cooking and serving utensils are metal. For the over the fire cooking, along with propane stove cooking.  I leave the plastic stuff at home.  I pack in salt and pepper mills. First those cardboard containers break and pour salt all over my kitchen boxes secondly when those spices get damp, they get hard with a salt mill, I just keep grinding them up. I pack real whole potatoes they are heavy but move them around and balance your loads plus they’ll keep for weeks. Eggs get packed in whole, I pre-prep as much of the dinner sides as I can, seal a meal it, at that point no cans to deal with. You can just drop that bag in boiling water to cook a lots less pots and pans to wash.  I’m often asked what do I cook for dinner on days 6, 7 and 8 and how do I stop meat from spoiling? The new bear resistant ice chest like the Engels do a great job, as an option. On long extended trips when everyone else has turned to freeze dried I’m breaking out canned hams the left overs become breakfast meat and sandwiches at lunch. Canned chicken becomes a big Chinese night toward the end of the trip. There are a lot of ways to eat really good, miles from nowhere just think outside of the box and start planning early… You still have time! It’s still snowing… Have fun cooking and I’ll see you on the trail.


PS- Looking for inspiration? We have a great selection of cookbooks on our website! We just listed 7 new title of Dutch oven cookbooks written by the one and only Colleen Sloan. Check them out here.

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The Sweet Showdown Results!

Hello & Happy Saturday to everyone! 

The winner of the Sweet Showdown was Pineapple Cherry Dump Cake, and it won by a landslide. I made this delicious treat today with a slight variation. I just knew I had cherry pie filling at home, and sadly I only had blueberry, so that's what I used. It still turned out delicious! 

If you would like to see other recipes in the future let us know!

This one is from Dump and Bake Cakes, which is available both in store and online!

Finished Product:


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Pass the Salt Please….

Everyone says food always taste better in the back country.  It’s true, it does, fresh air, hard work, along with that extra little pinch of spice, that you doctor would frown on, all adds up to some great eating.  I pack in my plenty of spices to make the finishing touches to any meal perfect.  […]
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