Sunny with a chance of Haze

Wow, is it smoky today!!! That is how just about everyone in western Montana starts off a conversation anymore. In fact, I’m guessing just about anywhere in the west. Then the second sentence spoken is… “Do you ever remember it being this bad before?” Probably not. It doesn’t matter if you are at the bank, grocery store, the hardware store, or pouring a cup of coffee at Trailhead Supply. All my friends and relatives are sending me message; is this fire near you? As images from western Montana are filling their news feeds on Facebook. Yes, yes, it is. I’m in the donut hole. I have a major fire in every direction from the ranch and this would be the cause for all the smoke conversation. I’m not a fire management guy, nor claim to be, but it just seems to me that when that fire is only twenty acres that would be a good time to put it out, instead of “observing” it. Because putting it out when its doubling in size every twenty-four hours and now that it is over 100,000 acres well…One might as well just go fishing, but what do I know!!! So, last weekend despite the fires, 2 friends and myself packed into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We rode through the smoke and dust delivering supplies to trail crews and got a chance to visit with some good friends along the way we haven’t run into for a while. Needless to say, they were excited to see us as we had cold beverages in the creek… Don’t let mother nature hold you back get out on the trail and make the best of it…Kate the new mule even got to haul a load of pipe out …Life is good, make the most of it!!!
See You on the trail, even if it’s smoky.

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