Still Riding?

I guess I will never understand those folks who think or treat riding as a season.  Horses get pulled out and dusted off Memorial Day weekend and put them away for winter Labor Day weekend.  That’s like 90 days and change worth of possible riding, but yet you feed and care for the stock an additional 9 months. Your horses and mules would much rather be doing what they are meant to do, rather than standing in some paddock somewhere doing nothing!  Last week the kids and I went elk hunting. But more than the elk hunting we got out and explored some beautiful country from the back of a horse. We rode in some wild snow storms. Water for the horses became a little bit of a challenge, but we did it! We all learned from our adventure. And had fun more than I can tell you. We had fun being together making memories, we had fun spending time unplugged from social media, and we had fun caring for the horses. I pulled the horse trailer almost 700 miles on snow and ice. I even blanketed one of the horses, and for those of you who know me, that was huge! Maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age.  Before you ask why, why would we go out in such harsh weather? Let me tell you, it was worth it, every minute of it!!  You can’t see what we saw you can’t make memories like we made sitting at home on the couch. There are fires in the summer, rain in the spring, and cold snowy days in the winter.  Life will never be perfect but you can always go ride, just pack the rain gear and some sunscreen. You may need them both on the same day in Montana.  Now get out and enjoy what you love to do….and ride.

See you on the Trail.


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