Spring Tune Up

Who’s got a trip or trips on the calendar for this coming summer? Or should I ask who doesn’t have a pack trip planned? There still might be a lot of snow on the trails but folks are already planning their summer adventures. The phone at Trailhead Supply rings all day long with folks from around the country asking questions about trails, trail heads, feed requirements, the must see’s in the Bob Marshall, gear needed, and outfitters in given areas. And the all important question…what do I do with my stock at night while I’m packing in? The answers all become part of planning their trip. We are always glad to help out, and share as much information that we can.  I can always tell when spring is in full swing by the amount of pack saddle replacement straps we start shipping out. Everyone is digging out those pack saddles and remembering just what happened while making those memories last fall, and maybe bailing twine isn’t the permanent answer for saddle repair…Sometimes it’s just easier and cheaper to buy a new decker…Another spring time question in the store, I’m asked when do I deworm my mules? I start when I have them all caught up for their first shoeing of the year. Shoeing, worming, vaccinations, roaching of the manes and of course the first de-burring of the tails…Good times by the end of the day!!!

Just as a reminder your riding horse or mule isn’t the only animal that needs conditioning. One of my pet peeves is going out on a spring ride for the day or one of the social things I get talked into, you know any of those head to tail ride outings where you pay to ride a public trail and there is more people than stock. Most folks only take their saddle stock, never their pack animals. Take an extra along and pony one, let them get exercise as well it will pay off in the long run.

As you plan your summer adventure remember the paperwork, this is becoming a big deal…So, much so Trailhead Supply is planning a brand inspection day. If you live local call up and make an appointment time (what works best for you) May 10th is the day.

The days are getting warmer and long!

See you on the trail.


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