Spring is in the air …

Well we are on the downhill slide to spring. How do I know that, besides a date on a calendar?  There are several surefire ways to tell here at Trailhead Supply.  First, we start receiving boxes of broken straps and saddle parts coming in for repairs. These come in from the customers getting things ready to hit the trails; as the snow melts in various parts of the country.  For those that live more locally they are stopping by, having a cup of coffee, while dropping off complete pack saddles that ended last season, with one last wild ride down some mountain side and are now in need of some much-needed love!!! 

It is also the time of year we start receiving phone calls asking questions about trails and routes around and through the Bob Marshall Wilderness then following up quickly is “Which map should I buy?” As they start planning their big summer adventure.  Then there is always someone asking who is selling a good horse or mule now that winter is over and they don’t have to feed it much longer till it can be turned out.  There is always that internal excitement here at Trailhead Supply of new products we have been working on over those snowy winter days that we are thrilled to unveil and put to use on the trail ourselves… If all else fails I just pour a cup of coffee and look out the front window at Plant Land, our neighbor, here in Kalispell. They have a large yellow sign and everyday they change the numbers to reflect how many more days till spring… I did have some summer planning for myself this week…I put my first pack trip of 2020 on the calendar. Now just to work through some details….

Till next time, See you on the trail.


PS- If you need a little help dusting off your confidence, or you are gearing up for you first ever pack season we are here to help! There are still spots left in our packing clinics that start February 17th. Click here for details. If that doesn’t work you can always call or stop by. We are happy to walk you through the answers to what you are wondering about.



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