Sitting Around the Coleman

A month ago, I stood in Trailhead Supply’s parking lot looking east at the tall jagged peaks marking the visible boundary of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Even as our customers walked across the parking lot every one of them would be looking to the left as they opened the door, then the first words out of their mouth would be is it ever going to melt??  I was excited to report in that I made it three miles from the trail head before snow turned me around the last week of June. Now, less than a month later, we are in stage two fire restrictions, NO CAMPFIRES!!! Last weekend we got to do a forty-mile pack trip in two days delivering supplies for the Forest Service.  Dry and dusty, but we did it and had a load of fun doing it.  Bud and I were up early as normal, coffee was already perking on a gas stove not the normal crackling fire we are used to but still hot, black and full of grounds like normal.  We sat there around that abandoned fire ring of rocks where we had sat so many time before watching the sunrise and revisiting past trips and started planning more adventures for the balance of this summer.  Do you really need a fire to enjoy a good cup of coffee? It helps I did have to change our normal dinner menu …there were no T-bones over the fire…Oh well we got out with the horses and mules we saw some great country and we solved all the world’s problems over a great cup of coffee and an empty rock fire ring. Get out and spend some time on the trail even if it’s hot and dusty it will be snowing again soon enough and then have a fire.

See you on the trail


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