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Last weekend I was supposed to go and pack gravel for the Forest Service with a couple of my buddies. Packing gravel is a great way to break in those new mules to the whole packing thing and it’s a great tune up for the whole string. There are all kinds of funny sounds along with the loads kinda swinging, but….if something goes not as planned its only fifty cents worth of gravel and it still gets spread just maybe not where planned. At the last minute, I wasn’t able to go on this adventure, so they took off without me.  This scared me because as scary as this sounds there is now no adult supervision!!!  Not that I’m the best supervisor or act adult a lot of the time, but they lost their wingman.  As they ran down the Swan highway hunger set in and a need to fill their Trailhead Supply coffee cups. They pulled into the Swan Valley Mercantile.  Just by luck they were having a sale on pepperoni sticks. After a swap of cash for refill of coffee and two bags of the finest pepperoni one can find on sale my first friend headed back to the truck, while the other continued to shop. Kicking back in the truck he tore open the first bag and chowed down the first stick.  He said it was the worst pepperoni he had ever had, so he ate another, then another, they were all bad!!! So, he read the label, Original Flavor….His thought was Original flavor of what?  He grabbed the second bag, it was sausage flavor, he opened and tried it….it was just as bad as the first, in fact it tasted just like the Original Flavor.  Back into the store he went. He found his traveling partner quizzing the poor store clerk on why he didn’t sell phone chargers. They both looked up to see him standing there holding two open bags of pepperoni sticks…..

The clerk said “Can I help you??”

“These are the worse pepperoni sticks I’ve ever ate.”

The clerk said, “You ate those? Those are dog treats.” 

My friend said, “It doesn’t say that.” 

The clerk said laughing, “Yes, it does right next to the cartoon picture of the dog opening the bag on the label.” 

Packers… you can’t take them anywhere!!! 

See you on the Trail.


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  • Phil says...

    Grew up on a ranch in Drummond. I remember stopping at the Swan Valley gas station. years ago. As I was visiting with the owner , his phone rang, a lady was screaming there is a bear looking at me through the window. As we left to go to his home he exclaimed
    , I am in real trouble, I really had to talk hard to get my wife to even come to Montana, now it’s going to get worse. As we approached his house we could see a small bear cub standing, looking into the living room window as his wife stood screaming.

    July 07, 2017

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