Put it Out!!

What a weekend!!!!!!  Great food and some truly quality time spent with friends and family.  We were out and about on Sunday and were headed up toward a trailhead as we drove we passed a nice truck camp set up back off the road. They had a couple of campers 3 or 4 trucks and everyone was sitting around their campfire, we waved as we drove past …they waved back.  Toward the end of the day as the snow was starting to fall we were headed back toward the house. As we rounded the corner we noticed the truck camp that was there earlier was now gone, all that was left was a roaring hot campfire just burning away.  What is with people???  How can you just pull up stakes and leave that fire burning???  We stopped and threw our block of ice out of the ice chest on it kicked it apart, my son in law scooped some water out of a mud puddle and poured on it.  We got the flames knocked down but we all knew give it a few minutes and a little wind it would be going full blaze in no time.  I’ve never left a fire going….ever!!!  

Normally we would have been in my truck, where I would have had a shovel, ax and a least one bucket. Due to an unexpected flat tire we switched at the last minute. I get it!! Having a fire is a huge thing that makes both the bonding and fellowship more fun not to mention, the beverages taste better. I won’t hardly go somewhere I can’t have a fire. The best memories are fashioned around that fire ring.  I cook almost all summer over a fire I almost never pack a stove, but come on put it out!!  What would you have done? 

Get out on the trail………..



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  • James Wood says...

    Put out your fires!!! Come on people…stop being lazy!! I’ve even been down at Owl Creek and fires are still smoldering.

    November 30, 2016

  • Judy Breland says...

    Definitely would have put it out!!

    November 30, 2016

  • Sharon Stratton says...

    You should send this to as a letter to the editor of the Interlake and hungry horse news!

    November 30, 2016

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