Prepare Now, Play Later

Well today is one of those rare slow days here at Trailhead Supply. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the icy roads and blowing snow outside! For most of you reading this, that’s not really motivating you to go out and saddle up to hit the trail for a ride today. But it is for me!  I brought in my riding saddle with me today to the store.  I put it on a saddle stand and drug it under one of our big shop heaters to warm up the leather so I can oil it up and check it out (which you all should be doing). I know it needs a new latigo. I don’t set my riding saddles up like everyone else in the riding world. I rig it like I do all my pack saddles, just tie a quick release knot on both sides. Those buckle tongues and little holes don’t come apart quick if you need that to happen. And you can’t drop a saddle on the off billet side without cutting good tack apart. While all that oil is soaking in I started writing new product descriptions for all the new products Trailhead Supply is bringing in or building in our Montana shop for 2018.  Then uploading a pile of new photos…ok, I’m really just getting the photos ready for my kid to upload.  If I tried to upload anything I would probably erase the whole web store.  I’m a packer remember!!! 

Take advantage of the cold, snowy days by getting ready to ride on the warm sunny days.  Spring isn’t that far off; the days are already getting longer.  We will still get a lot of snow this winter. The melting snow makes for high water at the creek crossings, but there is light at the end on the tunnel, so get ready you don’t want to miss a day of riding…

See you on the Trail!


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  • Ray says...

    Don’t currently have me a mule,but I worked with ‘em I was a sprout. Had a favorite named Groucho. I’m now approaching my 77th Spring. In preparation for the thaw, I’m thinking I could sure use some of that Oakwood
    Leather Conditioner. For my own skin cuz Jergen’ s body lotion I’d too durned “sissified”. Details please.

    January 17, 2018

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