Pour it in this Cup...

This week I was sitting at the airport drinking coffee out of my Trailhead Supply cup, doing one of my favorite activities…people watching. I haven’t always lived the finer life of being a packer, I had a corporate job in my past life and flew nonstop (no pun intended) around this great country of ours.  I thought there were some strange folks at our small local airport mostly tourists, then I made it to the Denver International, holy buckets I think they almost have LAX beat.  It must be the new dress code for women if your flight leaves before 6am it’s the messy bun deal. I think that’s the name. Take all you uncombed hair twist into a knot and rubber band it in a ball on top of the head. Looks more like the walk of shame look back in my collage days to me.  Don’t even get me started on the man bun!!! Then there are the business women all dressed up but the heels must be packed and they have on the converse canvas tennis shoes. I call this the Maple Valley look because a good friend lives in the big town of Maple Valley and always has Converse shoes on when not riding her horse.  (you know who you are) What’s with the guys wearing slacks, dress shoes and no socks???  My dad would have beat me silly for not dressing proper in public…no socks really!!!  How does that even feel ok?  And the crap people pack around with them. I travel light, really light, like a day pack for a week light.  They do have washing machines where you’re going.  Then It is the people who always get in front of me on the plane who are too cheap to pay the $25 to check the bag. I totally get it’s a BS surcharge for the airline to make money. But why are you blocking the isle in the plane stopping the boarding process to try and shove this HUGE expedition size back pack in the overhead bin.  It won’t fit so they pull it out and move down a couple rows and tries again…Like that overhead bin is going to be bigger at this location. But I do enjoy having coffee with all these folks I don’t know because I can say or tell them anything I’ll never see them again. I solved all the world’s problems switching planes in Denver.  And yes, I do take my Trailhead Supply coffee cup everywhere I go. The best part is so do a lot of our customers. We get pictures emailed to us from all over the world with our cup featured in them.  Why was I in Denver you ask? I got to move my mother in law to Montana… good times. 

See you on the trail, and remember coffee always taste better in a Trailhead Supply cup…Even airplane coffee.


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  • Jim Morris says...

    It’s just a fact of nature that coffee always tastes better in a metal cup.

    August 23, 2017

  • Kathy Young says...

    Good morning, my Trailhead Supply coffee cup is in OREGON today. Cheers!

    August 23, 2017

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