Plan, Prepare, Perform

I was having a cup of coffee with the regulars sitting around the Trailhead Supply coffee pot. Everyone was talking about their Christmas adventures, and all the snow that they have either plowed or shoveled from the New Years storm.  The conversation kinda shifted to what we all are planning to do for the next 2 months since the snow is already knee deep and its bitter cold outside. I for one will be planning.  Planning my summer pack trips!!! Its only a couple months away, the snow won’t last forever. I know of two things that I have already agreed on doing this coming summer. First my nephew, the through hiker is doing the CDT (Continual Divide Trail). This trail runs from Mexico to Canada, he’s going to hike it!  I’m going to be his trail angel, for the northern leg of his journey (Montana).  I’ll pack in his resupplies where needed. Probably even cook him dinner when we overnight at our meeting points.  My cooking will be better than freeze dried food, and instant oatmeal. I also have a good friend going on a 14 plus day pack trip around the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I told her I would pack in her resupply.  Then there are the fish that need catching. I’m taking my daughter in on a couple of trips to show her where to catch the big ones.  But first I need to finish her new decker I gave her for Christmas.  That’s is a good winter project.  I along with everyone reading this needs to go through their saddles clean, oil, and inspect all that leather sitting in their tack rooms.  Straps, buckles, even those cinches should be checked over and this is the time of year to do that.  Don’t forget to look over your saddle pads, just because they are not torn in half, they still maybe worn out. I’ll spend any extra time going over maps and calculating those drop points for resupplies.  Get ready its going to be a fast 2 months. Now, go pour another cup and get the maps out, planning is half the fun…

See you on the trail


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  • Susie Drougas says...

    You’re a mind reader! Just got off the phone yesterday lining up permits for next years pack trip! Gonna do 125 miles on the CDT through Wyoming…maybe we’ll see him! Mike’s got a brand new top pack from Trailhead Supply and Santa Claus – so we’re ready! :)

    January 03, 2018

  • Sharon and Britt Stratton says...

    Love your blogs. We do your saddles, leather, etc this time of the year also. Have hooks on our tongue and grooved ceiling over the wood stove for drying.

    Britt misses his buddy, Bryant Wanderer who passed away several years ago. They usually made a summer and fall trip in the Bob…age and losing friends changes many things. Enjoy while you can!!!

    January 03, 2018

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