Party Time...ugh!!!

Oh Lord help me, it’s the start of Christmas party season. If there is one thing worse than digging the wife’s Christmas decorations out of the attic, its making the almost mandatory tour of the required parties throughout the month of December. Whoa…now wait a minute, I can already see you all reaching for that keyboard to type me hate notes under that secret screen name of yours. I love Christmas and what Christmas is all about, but the parties, oh the parties.  First, most of them are poorly planned on a conflicting night with something fun, but you feel you must go to support your significant other or the hope of ever getting another pay raise, which by the way you desperately need.  First, it’s a buffet for three time the cost as it should be.  They can charge whatever they want and you will pay it because you have to go…  Whoever got sucked into planning the party tries to make it fun…ugly sweater contest, gift exchange, and maybe karaoke!  This all goes to explain why so many people drink so much at these parties, they’re just trying to drowned out all memories of what is really happening.  As the regular Trailhead Supply crowd tours the store, where all trails lead to the coffee pot, I’m asked nonstop, are you going to this party or that party?  This year my answer is nope!! My wife and I decided instead of spending all that money on candied carrots and flavorless cheese cake we are going out of town and having a weekend away with the person we want to be with, each other.  If any of you want to plan a real party that includes a large fire some steaks on the grill with only a few people in the middle of nowhere, you might be able to talk me into showing up…If you let me bring a mule or two I might even break out the ugly sweater….

Till next week, see you on the trail…


Need a gift for under ten bucks for that gift exchange? Try a Trailhead Supply coffee cup…The gift that keeps giving!!!

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  • Kathy Young says...

    You Rock!
    Merry Merry to Judy and to you.

    November 29, 2017

  • Todd Bryant says...

    I have a sweater that makes me look just like Mr. Rogers except for the beard. I’m ready to party.

    November 29, 2017

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